Manipal Sunrises 2012

Sunrises at Manipal, November 2012. These were captured over the course of a month at slightly different times of the day from the same area. Kodak Ektar 35mm and Fujifilm Provia Medium Format film used on Pentax and Yashica cameras.

Pentax MZ7 & Yashica Mat 124G. Kodak Ektar 100 & Fujifilm Provia 100.

Foggy sunrise

Thick fog hanging over the valley

Early Sunrise

Just after the sun became visible

Muted sunrise

Not such a colourful sunrise today

Hazy sunrise

Fog over the valley

Blue sunrise

No reds or purples today, but a lot of blue

Almost monochrome

Not many colours today

After sunrise

After the natural colour show

Hide and seek

The sun hiding behind a tree

Purple haze

A lot of purples today

Bright blue day

Looks like a promising day