Manipal 2012

Assorted pictures from around my hometown of Manipal, taken in 2012.

Pentax K1000 & Pentax MZ7. Kodak Ektar 100, ORWO UN54 & Fujifilm Neopan 100SS.


Beach near Malpe.

Man in the river

Man praying in the river Swarna near Manipal.

Swarna river

The river Swarna near Manipal.

No turning back

Beach near Malpe.

Beach road

A lonely road near the beach.

Empty beach

An empty beach near Malpe.

Almost there

The setting sun at Thottam beach.

Beach greys

Just another beach.

Silver tree

A beautiful tree near my house.

How green was my valley?

A view of the valley from end-point, Manipal.