Agra and Delhi 2013

How do you photograph a monument that has been photographed a billion times before? Pentax 35mm camera on Fujifilm Neopan film.

Pentax MZ7. Kodak Ektar 100.

The Taj

Taj Mahal, Agra


Entrance to the Taj

Waiting to get in

People waiting to get in

Taj Mahal

Off centre. Difficult to get a symmetrical shot without getting pushed around.

Taj Mahal

My favourite subject — a tree!

Taj Mahal

Another view

Taj Mahal

From the other side

Agra fort

Part of the Agra fort

Agra fort

Near the Diwaan-e-aam

Hazy Taj

A hazy Taj Mahal from Agra fort

Humayun's tomb

Humayun's tomb, Delhi

Light patterns

Light and shadow patterns at Humayun's tomb

Window light

Light streaming in at Humayun's tomb, Delhi

Barber's tomd

That's right, it is the king's barber's tomb, not Babur's tomb

Humayun's tomb

Side view

Humayun's tomb

Another view


Finally, a natural subject!