About Me

that's me!


Prathamesh Pai. Born on Nov 18th 1979. 80s kid. Computer programmer & web designer and full time nerd by profession. Started computer programming at the age of 14 and have been doing it since. I love nature, programming, design, illustration & photography.


Started with a point and shoot film camera in the 90s. Purchased my first DSLR in 2005. Switched back to film in 2011 after getting frustrated with the shoot-a-thousand-frames mentality that had crept in. Now I shoot only film and even develop film at home. I dislike post-processing/editing my photographs beyond occasional cropping and minimal contrast adjustment. I try my best to get it right in the camera.

This website

Place to share some of my work with like minded and interested people and maybe also sell a few prints along the way to fund more film rolls :) 11th version of my personal site since 1998. Designed and Developed by hand on a Mac :) This version uses a computer program I wrote in Python to generate the pages, which were written in html and css. No wysiwyg stuff here, all done in the Vim text editor.

Contact Me

prathamesh @ gmail .com